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Florida Highwaymen Painting by Harold Newton

Artist: Harold Newton 

Medium: Oil on Masonite 

Period: c. 1970s

Size: 21.5x36" Board, 25x39.5" Framed

Frame: Original Crown Molding Frame

Provenance: Given as Christmas gifts to the original owner by his brother in the late 1980s. Originally purchased by the brother at his bank in Daytona Beach, Florida. One owner. 

"Stormy Surf" by Harold Newton - 21.5x36" on Masonite

  • Pure Florida Beachscape by the master Harold Newton. Particulary good colors and light rain on the right side. Unusual 21.5x36" board size, but very well balanced proportions.

  • Small loss to top of sky 1/4" underneath frame. Staple in frame. 

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