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John Maynor was born in Springfield, Georgia in 1948. He had been painting before he met Alfred Hair and the rest of the group, known for working in commercial art jobs (primarily sign painting). It’s said that his signs have been advertising businesses on and around Avenue D for decades. In the 1970s he learned that there was a group of artists making good money painting landscapes, so he went to meet Alfred Hair.

His mentors from the group were primarily Sam Newton and Livingston Roberts, and he says that he picked up most of his techniques from watching them and Al Black paint. 

His art (like some of the others in the group) is primarily work done in the 1990’s-2000’s. His paintings are distinct in technique and lack resemblance to the rest of the group, but possess an appealing folk familiarity. His distinct style is often marked by vibrant colored sunsets, backwoods scenes, and silhouette palms.


Biographies are adapted from those on, one of the earliest informative websites on the Florida Highwaymen. Since the site is no longer active, we have provided them here.

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