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"Palm Hammock" by Harold Newton - 18x24" on Upson

"Palm Hammock" by Harold Newton - 18x24" on Upson


Florida Highwaymen Painting by Harold Newton

Artist: Harold Newton 

Medium: Oil on Upson 

Period: c. 1960s

Size: 18x24" Board, 22x28" Framed

Frame: Original Crown Molding Frame

Condition: Very Fine.


    Harold Newton:


    After a few years, he began painting religious scenes on black velvet. These images were popular in black Georgia communities, but his patrons couldn’t afford to pay much so they were sold for $2.50 each. Black churches purchased many of these early paintings, but he also sold his work by the side of the road and knocked on many doors hoping to make a sale.

    Harold dropped out of school at the age of 16, after his father died. He needed to make money to support his family so he moved back to Gifford the same year to work in the orange groves. In 1954 Harold met Bean Backus, the white Florida landscape painter. They developed a friendship that marked the turning point in Harold's life. Harold would not receive any formal training from Backus. However, Harold was invited to sit and watch Backus paint. Harold was naturally talented and was able to learn from Backus by watching and then going home and practicing what he had seen that day. It is said that Harold had a photographic memory allowing him to absorb and learn Backus techniques and painting methods. Newton became captivated by the way Backus used the palette knife. With much practice and determination Newton was soon using the palette knife to create his Florida Landscapes.


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